The endless debate of whether designers should learn code never seems to end. I believe there are a lot of benefits for designers learning to code to improve areas in design thinking from: Problem Solving, breaking down big problems into smaller ones. Great UX is fundamentally a process of problems and solutions. So Last year the winter of 2019, I decided to take a JavaScript course at Juno (formerly Hacker you) to improve myself as a designer and I have to say the experience was nothing short of amazing.

Ultimately, as a designer you want your design to become realized. The ability to code will affect the ability for you to influence design decisions as it help you rationalize your design decisions. At Juno I learnt the fundamentals of programming using JavaScript. I also learnt data structures, including Objects and Arrays, jQuery methods and best practices, the DOM and how to manipulate it, best practices to keep code efficient and organized and how to use REST APIs. With these set of new skills I was able to build my first assignment at Juno a Memory card matching game.

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