Jessica Gregory
Runway Coach


Jessica Gregory is known as Toronto's Top Runway Coach to transform a models walk from basic to fierce. Thats exactly the goal I looked to achieve with her with the redesign of her website and brand. Trusted by top modeling agencies such as Spot 6 Management, Peggi LePage, B&M etc, Jessica Gregory's training is highly recommended.

Jessica Gregory
Senior UX UI Designer
Wire-framing, Visual Design, Branding
Web Design, Development
About the Project
In September of 2015 Jessica Gregory set ground to start a Modelling company focusing on Runway training. Five years later establishing her name as one of Toronto’s Top Runway coach Jessica Gregory looked to further her brand via a better online presence optimize and automate her business which then would allow her to focus and continue growing her business to do what she does best, “Transform a models walk from basic to fierce”.
UX Challenges

One of the main considerations I took into account when creating the information architecture for this site is the variety of users that will visit it. The primary audience, model enthusiasts, come to the site for information such as how to be a model, how to walk in heels, social media presence, etc.

While the secondary audience is parents of aspiring models, who would be looking for trusted information, credibility, pricing and how to get their children into the modelling industry. And the third audience would be agencies looking to work with top coaches to develop the walks of new face models. These three audiences would visit the site for specific reasons and it is vital to capture the needs of all audiences to ensure a successful redesign.

There was a major dichotomy in how the site needed to be present: the site needed to feel professional, answer a lot of questions, but also inspire and excite model enthusiasts, parents and clients alike.

UX Solutions
To tackle the challenge of the three audiences tiers, I created an information architecture based on everyone’s needs. The primary audience’s key actions are featured in the primary navigation. We know that the majority of the users are coming to the site to better understand, how to be a model, and it’s important that that information is clearly displayed to users when they land to convey the feeling of transparency.

The secondary navigation includes items like Training Services, Models Trained, Runway Shows, Before and After, etc. For the third audience the agencies once login they have access to information cater to them such as Models Profile, Message, Pricing and all other resources members of the agencies would need.
Desktop wireframes
Defining the brand

To understand how to transform Jessica Gregory’s brand, a series of interviews was conducted with user groups to gauge the current brand perception and understand the future direction. After these interviews, Jessica defined a new vision and mission, "BE. FEEL. WALK CONFIDENT." which acted as a north star to guide the brand direction.

Throughout the process of defining the brand direction, I was able to explore visual language through a series of brand exercises that included a competitor audit, moodboarding and style tiles. This process helped us explore than iterate on visual elements of the brand, such as colour, typography, photography style and language.
Building the digital footprint

Once we defined the new brand and visual language, I began designing Jessica’s new website and digital assets. The goal was to clearly communicate Jessica's value proposition and with the understanding of the audience I leveraged the interviews, and Jessica's "Be. Feel. Walk Confident" philosophy, I was able to create user stories that drove the site redesign and assets. Building a component library allowed any future content author to maintain and build custom pages of the site while ensuring consistent brand language throughout the experience.


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